Two Undervalued Exercise Machines

Posted by Adam Sinclairon July 16, 2015

escapistIf you are sick of the usual cardio machines that you use in the gym like the treadmill, stationary bike or stair climber, you might want to try other options. Two undervalued exercise machines found in the gym are the elliptical and rowers. There are many reasons to choose indoor rowers and elliptical for your cardiovascular exercise and here are some that might convince you.

Indoor Rowers

Anyone can do it for sure.

Young or old, good or bad knees, anyone, can use rowers because it is a low-impact exercise which means it’s very easy on the joints. You don’t have to worry about your size or what limitations you may face, there will be no trouble trying to use an indoor rower. The truth is, indoor rowers are best for people who are trying to recover from different types of injury.

It helps you burn calories.

If you use an indoor rower and start moving, you will be able to burn major calories. Within 30 minutes of rowing, a person with an average weight can burn about 250 calories. This number is almost the same as what you will burn if you use the stair climber.

Strength and cardio in one.

Rowing requires the user to use endurance and strength both at the same time. The motion of pulling the upper body and the pushing motion of the lower body needs the strength of your torso and legs. If you look at the full movement, you will realize that it needs increased work for your lungs and heart. This means that your muscles are working as you run out of breath.

Elliptical Trainers

Less joint impact compared to other exercises.

This was originally made by someone who got the idea of the motion by filming someone running alongside a car. This motion was then replicated by making a machine that creates less strain on your joints.

It can fix weak quadriceps.

A study proved that the patterns in the activity of the hamstring and quadriceps on the elliptical trainer are more significant than other types of cardio machines. The elliptical trainer utilizes better quadriceps and hamstring coordination. If you suffer from weak quads or low hamstring strength to quadriceps ratio, you can use an elliptical trainer to help you bring back your leg muscles into shape.

It’s recommended for Runners and Cyclists.

A study also showed elliptical trainers giving greater muscle activation for the butt and external hip muscles compared to other forms of exercises like walking. This means that you can use an elliptical trainer if you want to build your butt and hip muscles, which is good for cyclists and runners.

Maximizes effect by increased stride length.

As stride length is increased on an elliptical machine, the more calories are burned without making the person feel like they are working harder. This is good if you are recovering from injury, or you tire very easily. Although an elliptical trainer burns the same calories as a treadmill, the longer stride can maximize its effect and make it better.

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