See Sookie Stackhouse and Bill Compton Being Normal

Posted by Adam Sinclairon July 16, 2015

escapistSookie Stackhouse was first shown in the series as a waitress that is working at Merlotte’s Bar and Grill. She struggles to live a normal life even though she has telepathic abilities. Sookie then meets Bill Compton, a vampire that visited Bon temps after they went public. She was baffled when she couldn’t hear what he thought so she remembered him and was intrigued by him. The night ended with Sookie going to Bill’s house and meeting vampires Liam, Diane, and Malcolm. Bill told them that Sookie is his partner so they won’t drink her blood. Knowing that Bill is a vampire, Sookie got scared and decided not to talk to him anymore but they still became friends in the end. Sookie is very close to her grandmother who she found dead in their apartment because of a knife attack. Bewildered and heartbroken, she finds Bill in the middle of the night and they had sex. This is the beginning of their love affair.

Anne Helene Paquin is a Canadian New Zealand actress first seen on the film The Piano. She was well known for her first role and received the Academy Award for Best Supporting Actress in 1994 when she was 11 years old. She is the youngest person to win an Oscar award in history. She also appeared in many successful films like Almost Famous, X-men, Fly away Home and many more. She is now known for her role as Sookie Stackhouse in the HBO series entitled True Blood. She also won a Golden Globe Award for this series in 2009.

Stephen Moyer is an English television, director and film actor who is known for his role as the vampire Bill Compton in HBO’s True Blood. He had appeared in many television series before he was casted for True Blood including the lead role in the film adaptation of the comic strip Prince Valiant where he worked alongside Katherine Heigl and Ron Perlman.

Paquin made her engagement to Stephen Moyer known on August 5, 2009. They have been dating since 2007 and were also her love interest in the HBO series. They soon got married on August 21, 2010, in a private house in Malibu, California. They have a son named Charlie and a daughter named Poppy, who is twins both born in September 2012. Paquin also has a stepson named Billy and a stepdaughter named Lilac both are Moyer’s child from a previous marriage.

When they are walking their twins, Paquin is usually spotted pushing a double stroller which is perfect for them. Pictures show that it’s Paquin who’s always behind the double stroller and Moyer will be beside her the whole time. Double strollers are specifically made for people who have twins to prevent the parents from having to push two strollers at the same time. It’s very convenient and promotes bonding between siblings since they can face each other most of the time. There are many manufacturers that produce double strollers, but you need to make sure that you are buying from a legit company so do your research first. Another good type of stroller is the travel system stroller which can be turned into a car seat easily.

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