Nurses in Grey’s Anatomy

Posted by Adam Sinclairon July 6, 2015

escapistThis is an American TV series that premiered on March 2005. The series has released eleven successful seasons that focus on the fictional lives of surgical residents and interns as they evolve into doctors while trying to balance their relationships and personal lives. The title is from Gray’s Anatomy, a human anatomy book written by Henry Gray. The show was created with the intention of being racially diverse, using a casting technique that includes all kinds of races. The show’s setting is shown to be in Seattle, but the film location is really in Los Angeles, California.

The main character is Dr. Meridith Grey, who was accepted into the residency program of Seattle Grace Hospital. She was assigned to work under a doctor named Miranda Bailey, Christina Yang, George O’Malley, Izzie Stevens and Alex Karev. The series also brought in Dr. Jackson Avery and Dr. April Kepner during the sixth season following George O’ Malley’s passing and Dr. Izzie Stevens departure.

Grey’s Anatomy became popular because there are many people who can relate to every episode that they release. In America, there are plenty of medical interns and nurses that experience the pressure of performing well in their jobs and maintaining their personal lives. It’s not a secret that being a medical worker takes up a lot of your time and energy. A whole day of walking around in the hospital trying to help people and attend to those who need you takes a toll on your body—especially your feet. Because of this problem, there are many shoes that are recommended for doctors and nurses to wear when they are on duty.

Dansko Clogs

The idea of backless shoes that allows you to easily slip your foot in and out seems is appealing. However, most clogs don’t work for medical practitioners. The common complaint about backless shoes is that it’s tight across the arch or that you need to use your toes to keep it on when you swing your foot. Because it’s tight across the arch, it’s also not suitable for flat footed people. There are special shoes for people with flat foot. The best solution to these problems is a pair of high-quality clogs made by Bergin. The Dansko clogs make you feel like your foot floats inside the shoe and seeks its level of comfort. It stays balanced on the foot because of the spacing, so there is no compression in areas that are sensitive.


This is a powerhouse shoe that you can rely on when you need stand around all day. It helps minimize the effects of standing up for long periods of time. Therafit has a personalized Comfort system that lets the user adjust the impact protection to suit your needs. It’s made with a wedge to absorb the shock, and the outsole is made to be adjusted to personalize impact resistance.

Nike Free

The Nike Free is made mostly for athletes to use when they are practicing. Some shoes are best for narrow feet, but the Nike Free is best for people with average width to wider feet. You probably use your feet muscles more than you’re used to, and Nike recommends that you gradually transition from the shoes that you are wearing to the Nike Free.

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