See Sookie Stackhouse and Bill Compton Being Normal

Posted by Adam Sinclairon July 16, 2015

escapistSookie Stackhouse was first shown in the series as a waitress that is working at Merlotte’s Bar and Grill. She struggles to live a normal life even though she has telepathic abilities. Sookie then meets Bill Compton, a vampire that visited Bon temps after they went public. She was baffled when she couldn’t hear what he thought so she remembered him and was intrigued by him. The night ended with Sookie going to Bill’s house and meeting vampires Liam, Diane, and Malcolm. Bill told them that Sookie is his partner so they won’t drink her blood. Knowing that Bill is a vampire, Sookie got scared and decided not to talk to him anymore but they still became friends in the end. Sookie is very close to her grandmother who she found dead in their apartment because of a knife attack. Bewildered and heartbroken, she finds Bill in the middle of the night and they had sex. This is the beginning of their love affair.

Anne Helene Paquin is a Canadian New Zealand actress first seen on the film The Piano. She was well known for her first role and received the Academy Award for Best Supporting Actress in 1994 when she was 11 years old. She is the youngest person to win an Oscar award in history. She also appeared in many successful films like Almost Famous, X-men, Fly away Home and many more. She is now known for her role as Sookie Stackhouse in the HBO series entitled True Blood. She also won a Golden Globe Award for this series in 2009.

Stephen Moyer is an English television, director and film actor who is known for his role as the vampire Bill Compton in HBO’s True Blood. He had appeared in many television series before he was casted for True Blood including the lead role in the film adaptation of the comic strip Prince Valiant where he worked alongside Katherine Heigl and Ron Perlman.

Paquin made her engagement to Stephen Moyer known on August 5, 2009. They have been dating since 2007 and were also her love interest in the HBO series. They soon got married on August 21, 2010, in a private house in Malibu, California. They have a son named Charlie and a daughter named Poppy, who is twins both born in September 2012. Paquin also has a stepson named Billy and a stepdaughter named Lilac both are Moyer’s child from a previous marriage.

When they are walking their twins, Paquin is usually spotted pushing a double stroller which is perfect for them. Pictures show that it’s Paquin who’s always behind the double stroller and Moyer will be beside her the whole time. Double strollers are specifically made for people who have twins to prevent the parents from having to push two strollers at the same time. It’s very convenient and promotes bonding between siblings since they can face each other most of the time. There are many manufacturers that produce double strollers, but you need to make sure that you are buying from a legit company so do your research first. Another good type of stroller is the travel system stroller which can be turned into a car seat easily.

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Two Undervalued Exercise Machines

Posted by Adam Sinclairon July 16, 2015

escapistIf you are sick of the usual cardio machines that you use in the gym like the treadmill, stationary bike or stair climber, you might want to try other options. Two undervalued exercise machines found in the gym are the elliptical and rowers. There are many reasons to choose indoor rowers and elliptical for your cardiovascular exercise and here are some that might convince you.

Indoor Rowers

Anyone can do it for sure.

Young or old, good or bad knees, anyone, can use rowers because it is a low-impact exercise which means it’s very easy on the joints. You don’t have to worry about your size or what limitations you may face, there will be no trouble trying to use an indoor rower. The truth is, indoor rowers are best for people who are trying to recover from different types of injury.

It helps you burn calories.

If you use an indoor rower and start moving, you will be able to burn major calories. Within 30 minutes of rowing, a person with an average weight can burn about 250 calories. This number is almost the same as what you will burn if you use the stair climber.

Strength and cardio in one.

Rowing requires the user to use endurance and strength both at the same time. The motion of pulling the upper body and the pushing motion of the lower body needs the strength of your torso and legs. If you look at the full movement, you will realize that it needs increased work for your lungs and heart. This means that your muscles are working as you run out of breath.

Elliptical Trainers

Less joint impact compared to other exercises.

This was originally made by someone who got the idea of the motion by filming someone running alongside a car. This motion was then replicated by making a machine that creates less strain on your joints.

It can fix weak quadriceps.

A study proved that the patterns in the activity of the hamstring and quadriceps on the elliptical trainer are more significant than other types of cardio machines. The elliptical trainer utilizes better quadriceps and hamstring coordination. If you suffer from weak quads or low hamstring strength to quadriceps ratio, you can use an elliptical trainer to help you bring back your leg muscles into shape.

It’s recommended for Runners and Cyclists.

A study also showed elliptical trainers giving greater muscle activation for the butt and external hip muscles compared to other forms of exercises like walking. This means that you can use an elliptical trainer if you want to build your butt and hip muscles, which is good for cyclists and runners.

Maximizes effect by increased stride length.

As stride length is increased on an elliptical machine, the more calories are burned without making the person feel like they are working harder. This is good if you are recovering from injury, or you tire very easily. Although an elliptical trainer burns the same calories as a treadmill, the longer stride can maximize its effect and make it better.

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Nurses in Grey’s Anatomy

Posted by Adam Sinclairon July 6, 2015

escapistThis is an American TV series that premiered on March 2005. The series has released eleven successful seasons that focus on the fictional lives of surgical residents and interns as they evolve into doctors while trying to balance their relationships and personal lives. The title is from Gray’s Anatomy, a human anatomy book written by Henry Gray. The show was created with the intention of being racially diverse, using a casting technique that includes all kinds of races. The show’s setting is shown to be in Seattle, but the film location is really in Los Angeles, California.

The main character is Dr. Meridith Grey, who was accepted into the residency program of Seattle Grace Hospital. She was assigned to work under a doctor named Miranda Bailey, Christina Yang, George O’Malley, Izzie Stevens and Alex Karev. The series also brought in Dr. Jackson Avery and Dr. April Kepner during the sixth season following George O’ Malley’s passing and Dr. Izzie Stevens departure.

Grey’s Anatomy became popular because there are many people who can relate to every episode that they release. In America, there are plenty of medical interns and nurses that experience the pressure of performing well in their jobs and maintaining their personal lives. It’s not a secret that being a medical worker takes up a lot of your time and energy. A whole day of walking around in the hospital trying to help people and attend to those who need you takes a toll on your body—especially your feet. Because of this problem, there are many shoes that are recommended for doctors and nurses to wear when they are on duty.

Dansko Clogs

The idea of backless shoes that allows you to easily slip your foot in and out seems is appealing. However, most clogs don’t work for medical practitioners. The common complaint about backless shoes is that it’s tight across the arch or that you need to use your toes to keep it on when you swing your foot. Because it’s tight across the arch, it’s also not suitable for flat footed people. There are special shoes for people with flat foot. The best solution to these problems is a pair of high-quality clogs made by Bergin. The Dansko clogs make you feel like your foot floats inside the shoe and seeks its level of comfort. It stays balanced on the foot because of the spacing, so there is no compression in areas that are sensitive.


This is a powerhouse shoe that you can rely on when you need stand around all day. It helps minimize the effects of standing up for long periods of time. Therafit has a personalized Comfort system that lets the user adjust the impact protection to suit your needs. It’s made with a wedge to absorb the shock, and the outsole is made to be adjusted to personalize impact resistance.

Nike Free

The Nike Free is made mostly for athletes to use when they are practicing. Some shoes are best for narrow feet, but the Nike Free is best for people with average width to wider feet. You probably use your feet muscles more than you’re used to, and Nike recommends that you gradually transition from the shoes that you are wearing to the Nike Free.

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What the Women of Game of Thrones Must Be On

Posted by Adam Sinclairon July 6, 2015

escapistThe characters in the popular medieval fantasy TV series called Game of Thrones are all based on their counterparts in the series of novels entitled A Song of Ice and Fire. These novels are written and popularized by George R.R. Martin and is following a civil war for the Iron Throne of Westeros. This was fought between the noble and rival royal families as well as their supporters.

Just like most novels with a medieval setting, the Game of Thrones series has its fair share of maidens that capture every man’s eye. They are also part of the reason is so popular to men of different ages. These women are armed with mystery, beauty, intelligence and courage.

Cersei Lannister is the Queen of all seven kingdoms of Westeros and is the wife of the great King Robert Baratheon. Their marriage was arranged by their father when she was very young which made him a political counselor for the King. The King was interested to have a marriage between their families because the Lannisters are known to be the richest family in Westeros. Cersei has a twin brother named Jaime with whom she is having an incestuous affair with. The main attribute for the Cersei’s character is her loyalty for her family and her desire for power.

Daenerys Targaryen is a princess from the Targaryen dynasty. She also bears the name “Stormborn” because her brother Viserys and she were smuggled to the land of Essos at the end of Robert’s rebellion. Daenerys was under Viserys’ care for seventeen years and during these years, she was abused every time she didn’t follow his bidding. Viserys married Daenerys to a powerful Dothraki warlord named Khal Drogo in exchange for a powerful army which made her a Khaleesi. At first, she was fearful of her husband but once she learned the Dothraki language, she genuinely falls for him after learning that he is a kind and smart man. She then became pregnant with his son who was prophesied to be the Stallion, who mounts the world. When Viserys died, Drogo promises Daenerys that he will conquer all kingdoms for her and their baby. However, Drogo suffered from blood poisoning throughout the journey, and Daenerys was forced to ask Mirri Maz Duur, a healer, for help. Mirri then tricks Daenerys by sacrificing the life of their son which led to her losing both loves of her life.

These women are both beautiful in their right. During their time, they were drinking fresh juice squeezed from the finest fruits which are the reason they are so fit. It has been proven through history that juicing has been the main source of dietary supplement which kept people strong and their bodies lean. It’s not very different from today where juicing is becoming more popular to those who are watching their weight and want to stay healthy. A good juicer uses fresh fruits to always deliver the best nutrients and vitamins that a person needs to mentally and physically healthy. There are also juicers for vegetables available in the market.

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Things that Can Help Make People Like Sheldon Cooper Less Grumpy

Posted by Adam Sinclairon June 12, 2015

escapistSheldon cooper is a fictional character in the television series Big Bang Theory that airs in CBS. He is portrayed by Jim Parsons for which he won four Emmy Awards, Golden Globe Awatd, TCA Award and Critics’ choice TV awards. Dr. Cooper is a theoretical physicist that shares an apartment with his best friend Leonard Hofstadter. He was a child prodigy with an IQ of a genius but has little to no social skills, no understanding of humor and has difficulty sensing sarcasm and irony from people. He also shows a narcissistic and idiosyncratic behavior as well as lack of empathy and humility.

These traits make him funny and keeps the show entertaining for fans. Sheldon works for Caltech and is often seen as someone who sometimes has sleeping problems as well as is very picky with where he sits and sleeps as he is said to have OCD. Because of this, one can only imagine the kind of mattress he needs to fully relax and have a good night sleep. There are many kinds of mattresses available in the market today but here are the best manufacturers that provide both comfort and quality for customers like Sheldon.

Spa Sensations 12” MyGel

This collection features budget memory foams that are being sold at Walmart and other online retailers. The gel collection is what gets the best ratings from this line and the 12 inch model is best for most people compared to the thinner models. There are many low priced memory foam mattresses available but the Spa sensations mygel 12 is the one that is best recommended for people who wants a good quality mattress for daily use. It fits your budget but is good for long term use and is made of high quality material.

Novaform Serafina 14” Gel

The Novaform Serafina 14 mattress is a very popular mattress today that is sold at Costco. It earns a lot of positive reviews by customers and it is the middle in the Novaform mattress life. The Serafina is made of a lower density memory foam gel but has a higher density middle layer for ample support. The base layer also features a high density material that is good for durability and support. The Serafina almost has no heat complaints and it’s durability is not a big problem according to reviews.

Amerisleep Revere Bed

The Amerisleep bed gets pretty good ratings on its website and other third party sites. This is one of the most popular models made by a plant based momery foam brand, Amerisleep. Other mid price mattresses use cheap materials while the Revere uses higher density foams. It’s very durable and is supposed to last for a long time so it also saves money in the long run.

BedInABox Tranquility Gel

This is another mid range mattress that is very popular in different online stores. This specific model has a unique Tencel cover that sets it apart from the other models. The tranquility gel is made of lower density memory foam that is of better quality compared to other mattresses in the same price category. It also has a high resilience core that makes it even better than other mid priced mattresses.

But because Sheldon is a side sleeper, there are also mattresses for side sleepers. If you have back pains, you can also check out the mattress products best for back pain.

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